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Student at the University of Maryland, College Park


Education Success, LLC provided me with the guidance I needed in order to handle higher level academia. As a motivated student, I found the services to be integral in preparing me for the real world. Being a senior in high school can be rewarding but also very demanding. Ms. Parker was able to assist me with the college application process to make sure my application stood out. She also helped me complete scholarships, such as the Gates Millennium Scholarship, that could be used to help lower the cost of my tuition. Education Success, LLC inspires students to strive. Ms. Parker was able to assist me in preparing for an interview with Brown University, which gave me the confidence and increased my motivation to pursue my goal to go to college.

Student at Spelman College


I was introduced to Education Success, LLC towards the end of my junior year in high school. Ms. Parker spoke with me on the phone about my interests, goals, and current standing in school. This was the first good thing about this company; Ms. Parker worked directly with me and not my parents. In my next encounter, Ms. Parker provided the service of calendar assistance and goal setting. Wasting no time, we began working on my Common Application that summer. Ms. Parker kept me on a strict schedule with my essays, and her organization was a huge contribution to my success. She helped me to pick the colleges to apply for that were most suited for me. She also had a constant flow of scholarship applications for me to apply for. I tell anyone who asks that Education Success, LLC saved my life senior year. While all my friends were struggling to balance everything on their own, Ms. Parker was doing all the hard work for me so I could focus on graduating and writing essays. When I got accepted to every school I applied to except one, it was the proudest moment of my life and I could not have done it as effectively or efficiently without Education Success, LLC.

High School Counselor


Ms. Parker's passion for helping her students succeed is displayed through urgency and sincerity. She always presents herself in the most professional way that is warm and inviting. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her students get information and access to the most valuable resources. Ms. Parker is patient and strong willed and her work is evident of this. Her strength and determination is admirable and all those like myself who have benefited from her insight and experience are left feeling empowered and comforted. In my opinion Ms. Parker is a rainbow of inspiration.

Parents of High School Student

She took a huge weight off of us! She served as a coach and organized a very unfamiliar process for our family. Families would do well to have someone to walk with them that has had experience in the higher education arena.  This is a company that can not only relieve the anxiety for the family, but also the student; ultimately setting the student on a path towards Education Success.

Parent of High School Student

Who Knew finalizing where your daughter would spend the next four years of her life could be so difficult! Ms. Parker has made this process very easy to maneuver and understand. Her knowledge and expertise provide our family the confidence that we made the right choice with Temple University. My daughter was accepted at four universities with scholarships. Ms. Parker took the time to explain to me what was so significant about the scholarships that my daughter had received. At times, she was our mediator. What stood out the most about my experience with Ms. Parker was the time when she joined me on the phone with the office of Student Financial Services regarding some questions and concerns I had regarding my daughter's financial package. Her professionalism not only stood out to myself but also to the staff in that office. This has been a life-changing experience for me and my daughter. I don't know how I could have navigated some of these uncharted waters without Ms. Parker at the helm. For that I am extremely grateful.

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